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Priscella Cooper-Holyfield, Co-founder, CEO: 

Priscella is an experienced affiliate marketing professional who enjoys the business and creative aspects of affiliate marketing by building and developing affiliate relationships through innovative marketing tactics, promotions and events.

Priscella has assisted and/or worked in management for up to 20 networks, such as Affiliate Communications Coordinator for Launch TV Network, AMGTV Network, and Hot TV. Priscella also handled acquisitions with responsibilities for finding new relevant content and Affiliate Relations for 15+ broadcast channels.

Aside from years of TV Network and Film industry experience, Miss Holyfield served as a Project Coordinator for ACS at the early age of 17-years old with the next youngest person in her department in their 30’s, at that time earning her way at a very sustainable wage, and continuing in her independent business in the Entertainment Industry.

Miss Holyfield is the initial founder for iHolyfield TV Network and had been broadcasting her own network for over a year at age 24. Priscella has kept up the respect and honor of the “Holyfield” name; that some industry people fall short of. She is honored to be related to such a great and forever legendary iconic American hero, as Evander Holyfield.

Priscella has been in the Entertainment business since she was 8 years old, where she won first runner-up, to become Angela Anaconda’s TV series’ newest Cartoon Character! Between the ages of 19 to 20 years-old, Priscella was the Creator, Writer and Co-Star host in the Nationally Broadcast TV Series, “Niteclub Ratings!” Priscella Home Schooled and graduated High School at an early age of 16-yrs, with scores as high as 720, thus, awarding her to skip the process of the SAT’s. Priscella's studies in Business Management & Marketing at Arizona State University, will be an advantage to The Company, in our Pricing and Marketing Strategy to corner the market.

Priscella is also an artist and designer, and has managed her own cut and sew designs and sales. She was fortunate enough to work with Emmy Winner, Designer, Kenneth (K-Bobby) Edgar, in NYC, as a runway model for his clothing line-up; in two runway fashion episodes of “Niteclub Ratings.” Priscella also took studies at the Art Institute of Phoenix, focusing in Fashion and Design; she takes creative ideas and integrates them with business, which will be essential in building company brands.

Maureen Cooper,   

Maureen is a Boise State University Graduate, BA Major, BS Minor; writer for the Ivory Tower Magazine, for Brigham Young University and Boise State University.  Maureen served as an Adjudicator for the Federal Government Social Security Disability Determinations Dept., and a licensed Worker‘s Compensation Adjuster.   Finding her way back to the Entertainment business;  in the TV industry she has done everything from handling general traffic needs, to  serving as a TV Syndication Manager, and Program Director.  Maureen assisted established networks, as well as, start-up networks, in acquiring new affiliate TV broadcast stations and successfully coordinating and booking TV Syndicated movie packages for TV Broadcast groups such as, Sinclair Broadcasting. Maureen served as Chief Executive Officer of Goliath Promotions, and served as Vice President for MiCasa Network. Formerly, Chief Executive Officer for Launch TV Network, negotiating film to television, cable and/or major network contracts, including HBO, CTV, TBN, etc.. She oversees programming acquisitions, and has negotiated and obtained rights for over 10,000 programs, including feature films, television series, documentaries, etc…  Maureen, CEO for Launch TV, spearheaded the Network’s international launch in Kenya Africa, Western Europe, Germany, as well as, network placement in NetRange’s basic cable line-up for Smart TV portal devices, launching in over 35 countries. Maureen also serves as Head of Affiliate Relations and Distribution. 


Christian Corley, COO

Christian has the capacity to find a whole new avenue of entertainment to be creative, if necessary. He has the ability to attract big sponsors, by introducing professional, “newly-launched upfront” events for new networks and platforms, with distribution on every level of entertainment; including online-platforms, Smart TV’s, Terrestrial TV, Connected TV and hand-held devices; promotional ideas and development that bring industry opportunities to the under-served, as well as, the elite, well-seasoned entrepreneurs, to corporate and/or governmental diplomatic, global industry executive officers, to connect and assist to achieve the main objective, where Art meets Commerce!. In the entertainment industry, Christian has proven time-after-time, for the past decade, that he can turn the path for many new start-ups, as well as, the fully well-seasoned entertainment venue, multiple opportunities and socially impactful impressions.



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